Alleviate Your Boredom With YNMS

03 June 2019

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Alleviate Your Boredom With YNMS
With the rise of the technological revolution and our societies innate abhorrence for boredom, these days it can seem like everyone’s eyes are glued to their phone screens. Nowadays, people are much less likely to complain about having to wait since they essentially have a handheld computer to keep them entertained. People hate to feel like they have nothing to do so they’ll pick up their phone and start scrolling through various apps to make themselves look busy. Most people choose to either play a game, scroll through social media or maybe do a little online shopping while they wait. It’s become a common habit for people to pick up their phones for no other reason than to distract themselves.
Yes, No, Maybe So! is an application meant to be used in your downtime, it’s easy to use as you respond to questions about pictures by swiping right for Yes, left for No, and up for Maybe So! YNMS is so enticing with its simplistic approach to giving feedback to others & receiving it in return with a quick swipe. With YNMS, you can help your friends decide which outfit is perfect for their big date or save them from buying an unflattering top. If you just can’t choose between 2 outfits and feel stuck, YNMS has a comparison option where you can take a picture in both tops and let your friends decide which one you should wear! YNMS has a diverse selection of categories to choose from including; animals, fashion, travel, fitness, food, etc. YNMS is the perfect cure for boredom and gives you a chance to help some friends in need, so the next time you’re scrolling aimlessly through your phone, why not give it a try? It doesn’t matter where you are, Yes, No, Maybe So! will save you from the monotony of everyday life!
This article is brought to you by Iinsha, LLC, a global mobile applications company based out of Houston, TX. Yes, No, Maybe So! was created to give people a non-biased opinion while contrarily allowing them to help others with a simple swipe! YNMS is a powerful application giving its users the opportunity to have each one of their voices heard. For more information please visit or contact us at

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