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07 June 2019

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Need an Opinion
Try Yes, No, Maybe So!

You are now living by yourself and making a simple decision like where to eat or what shoes to wear with your new sweater is almost impossible, you are just used to having your family and friends around that help you decide, (but even then, their opinion is biased.) Two weeks ago, while visiting my cousin in Houston, Tx she told me about an application that is sure to change the way we get feedback to the daunting questions “Does this look good on me?” or “What should I eat?”

Yes, No, Maybe So! allows you to get that feedback or an answer to your question before you purchase the item by uploading your picture and asking either your friends or the public their opinion. You can post a picture of two dishes and ask them which plate looks more appetizing. You will get a bar graph with the results of your question, making it easier for you to get an instant response. You also have the option to sell items that you no longer want like shoes or jeans the possibilities are endless. Holding your finger on the picture will give you more information on the item like price and directions to where your item can be purchased whether it be directions to a store or the location someone has suggested. Yes, No, Maybe So! will let you pick the categories you are most interested in like Cars, fashion, pets, etc. allowing you to customize your experience with Yes, No, Maybe So! Come and join the fun, download the app and let us help you make those tedious decisions!

This article is brought to you by Iinsha, LLC, a global mobile applications company based out of Houston, TX. Yes, No, Maybe So! was created to give people a non-biased opinion while contrarily allowing them to help others with a simple swipe! YNMS is a powerful application giving its users the opportunity to have each one of their voices heard. For more information please visit or contact us at

Yes, No, Maybe So!
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