This, That, Either, Neither

03 June 2019

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Yes, No, Maybe So! the mobile application where everyone’s opinion matters. Whether you are helping someone decide between two items, giving your opinion on one item or sharing your expertise on a topic in our forum, YOUR voice will be heard!

Have you ever had a tough time deciding between multiple options and wished you had someone that could give you immediate feedback? If so, then the YNMS app is always available to help you decide! Posting your pictures on Yes, No, Maybe So! can help when deciding between two things if you’re having a hard time making your selection! To help you decide between two options, YNMS has the ability to compare two pictures and then users can vote: This, That, Either, Neither! This will give you a lot of opinions from others which can lead you to an easier decision!  Users will swipe right for This, left for That, up for Either, or down for Neither. For example, if you can’t decide between two outfits, you can let your friends or the Yes, No, Maybe So! community decide for you. Getting feedback has never been easier! Or, if you don’t feel like waiting for your friends or the community, you can roll the YNMS dice, which gives an immediate answer.

This article is brought to you by Iinsha, LLC, a global mobile applications company based out of Houston, TX. Yes, No, Maybe So! was created to give people a non-biased opinion while contrarily allowing them to help others with a simple swipe! YNMS is a powerful application giving its users the opportunity to have each one of their voices heard. For more information please visit or contact us at

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