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03 June 2019

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Your New Favorite App
On a typical day, most people bounce between 6-9 different apps, but what if there was an app that encompassed all your favorite features? From music to pictures and videos, to sharing your opinions, Yes, No, Maybe So! has something for everyone!

Yes, No, Maybe So! or YNMS for short, is an easy-to-use mobile application where you answer questions about pictures, audio, and video content by swiping right for yes, left for no, up for maybe or if you don’t want to vote, you can choose to skip by swiping down. If you cannot decide between two choices, there is a compare option where other users vote for whichever they prefer. YNMS has a diverse selection of categories to choose from including but not limited to; animals, fashion, music, travel, food and the option to add links to outside sites for more information or purchasing opportunities. If you want a more in-depth response, each category has its own forum where other users can respond with more precise answers.    

After downloading the Yes, No, Maybe So! app, complete a quick sign-up and verify your account through email. Once completed you can now sign-in to YNMS and complete your profile by filling in some basic information and selecting categories that interest you. Now you have the freedom to explore YNMS’s various fun features, such as swiping through pictures, audio, & videos in the categories you selected or seek other’s input by uploading your own. As a fun added bonus, if you do not feel like waiting you can ask the YNMS dice a question and give it a roll! Yes, No, Maybe So! aspires to be both fun and helpful. What will your vote be? Let the dice decide!

This article is brought to you by Iinsha, LLC, a global mobile applications company based out of Houston, TX. Yes, No, Maybe So! was created to give people a non-biased opinion while contrarily allowing them to help others with a simple swipe! YNMS is a powerful application giving its users the opportunity to have each one of their voices heard. For more information please visit www.ynms.app or contact us at customerservice@iinshaapps.com.

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